Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wild Ponies!

Izzy is cantering around on the lunge line. Who knew my phone could take action shots?

It's supposed to snow a ridiculous amount tomorrow (like 6") and the horses were all completely batty. Izzy was no exception--mareface was rearing and bolting in hand while I led her to the arena.

I ran the lunge line through one bit ring and she TOOK OFF!! Fortunately, I still had both ends, so I was able to recapture Ms. Crazy brain and get things properly attached before she had a bolting/bucking/leaping fit on a circle.

Is she sound?


She's looking a lot better, but there's still that little unevenness and tiny head bob that tells me she should in no way be acting like a nutter like that.

On the other hand, her pain tolerance is so ridiculously low that I can generally count on her not to make herself worse. I guess that's sort of a win.


  1. Don is like that... Last time he chipped his hoof/bruised it, before I put shoes on him, he refused to leave his run. My BO had to drag him out to turn him out, and she told me "When you said he was a baby about pain, I didn't believe you. Until now." Low pain tolerance lol.

    Of course, he also can't be depended on to not make it worse, because he acts like a nut in spite of it, or perhaps because of it.

    And the lack of helmet... can be explained! Really! I lost my keys at work, and although we have a spare key to my car, it was on my dad's keyring still that day, so I had to take my sisters car, but my helmet was locked in my car... It was ride without or not ride, so I chose to ride without.

    Besides, standing on Skye is not nearly as dangerous as standing on Joe, who is actually spooky... but then again, I did that too... maybe I should just shut up now...

  2. Finally!! I'm caught up. I read your blog from the very beginning to the current post. You've come so far and done amazing work with Izzy!! You should be so proud of yourself. :D I love reading your blog. It's helped me through a lot of boring hours at work hehe.

    I hope Izzy gets better quickly. It's no fun dealing with a lame horse. At least you're at this awesome barn where you can ride other horses though. Imagine if you were back at the old barn with nothing to ride. Looking forward to an update (that is hopefully title she is sound!).


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