Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm Back! (And I have new toys)

My apologies for scattered auto-posting, but I've been out of town for most of the past week. It was a non-horse-related trip, but I still wheedled my way into a trip to a fantastic tack store. Plus met another blogger. Plus got my secret santa present. PONY TIME ALL THE TIME.

Plus has my initials on the other side
First things first. I got a note from the post office on Christmas Eve that there was a package I needed to sign for. It was late in the afternoon and I was tired and the name on the note was a person from whom I was expecting a Christmas card, so I opted to wait until after Christmas to go get it.

THAT WAS NO CHRISTMAS CARD. Well ok, T Meyers did include a card in which she wrote a really nice note, but she sent me a personalized Ogilvy baby pad. It's beautiful and perfect and I love it.

Hands off, ladies.

Next up, my mom (may her name be blessed) decided to get me a Christmas present on said trip.

I wandered the tack store and touched all the things and hemmed and hawed. I knew I didn't need more strap goods (we don't need to discuss how many bridles/breastcollars I have right now). I'm not really all that in to clothes.

I did almost cry when the Tredstep tall boots on clearance for $100 were a half a size too small for me.

Also the orange saddle pad. Obvs. Best mom ever.
And then I found it: THE BOOT AISLE.

Now you might be saying, "SB, you have SO MANY BOOTS SRSLY QUIT BUYING THEM."

And you might be right.

But that means you've never gotten to handle the new Majek Equip open front memory foam boots. I loved how they felt. I loved the price point.

And if I bought the fronts, my mom would buy the hinds and...


Because I'm a dork who takes pics of EVERYTHING
And then since the point of my tip to 70f sun and paradise was to watch my alma mater stomp a power 5 conference team into the desert dust, I trooped off to the game.

Whilst out and about tailgating, this nice girl walks up and is all "Hi, what's your name?"

AND IT WAS TOTALLY JODI (from Racing to Ride). Ha!! Super fun to meet her and bonus, she's just as nice and down to earth in person as she sounds online.

Sad to say, I left 70 and sun behind and am now back home in 18f weather that won't let up, but you know what?

I have an INDOOR. It's on, people.


  1. One of the best secret Santa gifts EVER!

  2. Whee! Awesome holiday scores! Now onward to the indoor season!

  3. I hate you and your indoor.

  4. I don't think I could ride in 18f even WITH an indoor. You are a rockstar!!!

    Also, love that you and Jodi met up IRL. So fun!

  5. Mega scores all around. Plus Wedneday is the day of all days!

  6. A girl can never have too many shoes... which includes boots. And open fronts are definitely BOOTS. :D

    1. Yes... the force is strong with this argument. I need to use it on my boyfriend and parents!

      Great Christmas haul, SB! That baby pad is seriously cute.

  7. I can't wait to hear what you think of the boots!

  8. It is not possible to have too many boots, ever.

  9. New boots woot! Every girl needs monogrammed Ogv :p

  10. Whoa! Fun gift! And fun to meet a fellow blogger!

  11. Love the pad! Love the blogger meet-up!! And hooray for boots =]

  12. Sounds like an amazing trip! And whoop whoop on the boots!

  13. Awesome gifts!!! I totally watched that bowl game cuz that is where Felix is from :). Cool you met up with a blogger!

  14. Awe thanks! It was so cool to run into you! I'm glad you had your dad take a picture (he was really sweet). I was pretty positive it was you, but was totally going to feel like a dumb ass if it wasn't :) I'm glad that you had a great trip and your new boots are awesome.

  15. A girl can never have too many boots - I'm about to buy another pair, msyelf. Ugh, addiction. Also obsessed with that orange pad.

  16. woo hoo for meeting bloggers and new boots and saddle pads!! best trip ever :)

  17. What an awesome trip! Am so jealous of all the new things & meeting of Jodi - love her blog ♡♡♡♡

  18. That's so awesome that you meet Jodi!!


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