Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meet the Blogger: Paint Edition

I've been trying to go through and update all my pages on the blog with current information. That gets a little tedious sometimes, and all of a sudden, I thought it would be sort of hilarious to introduce myself via paint drawing.

I dunno. It sounded like a good idea at the time.

Without further ado, meet me in paint:
I've highlighted some useful features that I can explain here:
1) hair that absolutely refuses to be contained
2) long ape arms that are the envy of all you t-rex folks out there.
3) I dunno, don't really use those anyways.
4) What bounces to distract judges from what's actually bouncing
5) what's actually bouncing
6) world's longest torso (tm). Actual torso may be less cylindrical and more bulgy.
7) super proportionate legs. no one is jealous of these.
8) because thigh gap is for losers

And my horse:
1) Ears
2) perfect hair
3) actually a little uphill
4) perfect hair
5) insert cookies here
6) muscle bulge that needs to go away. remember when i said i'd never own an upside down horse? ha!
7) legs for days
8) ridiculously sexy ass. not kidding. his back end is amazing.

As my stunning drawings no doubt show, we are pretty much the ideal partnership. My long arms compliment his short neck and he definitely has enough leg length to go around.

Sooooo how do you and your horse match up?


  1. Omg laughing so hard, you are amazing!

  2. So um, we're built the same way. I am all torso and no leg. So sad.

    1. It can be worse...I am short wide torso and no leg...which brings to mind equestrian Sponge Bob...sigh...

  3. hahahaha I love it! totally jelz of your long arms.

  4. This is amazing! LOL. Ape arms FTW!

  5. You know how impressed I am with your mad skillz right now? Mega balls impressed. Mega balls.

  6. We are not built the same, and I am mad jealous of your long arms. I am the T-Rex, with a Brontosaurus necked horse! Extra long reins are my friend. Thigh gap is way overrated btw, I'm not giving up french fries for that.

  7. laughing so hard..... impressive paint skills!!!

  8. I burst out laughing at my desk and then tried to explain it to my non-horsey coworkers. Which ended in puzzled looks and me laughing even harder. Made my day :)

  9. I'll just be messing around in Paint the rest of today...

  10. I think you drew a brown version of O, except for the legs part. She has tiny stumpy stump legs!

  11. haha this is hilarious!! my t-rex arms are VERY jealous ;)

  12. Bahahaha this is amazing, the horse picture could be a picture of Rico- great ass, great hair... perpetually looking like he's muscled completely wrong because of the 23 hours per day he spends inverted.

  13. Awesome self-portaits

  14. Oh honey, you are so much prettier than this!

  15. I am so impressed with your paint skillz. SO IMPRESSED.

  16. Basically, if I used Paint, I'd draw myself using only straight lines and my horse using only ellipses. Sad but true...

  17. Lol I know what I'm doing tlmorrow when I sit at home moping with a bum leg...

  18. Lol this is awesome! I might have to borrow your idea for a rainy day. :-)


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