Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Goals.

Technically taken last year
I hesitate to even set goals after failing at pretty much all of them last year. That said, I love goal wrap ups and a huge part of blogging is taking snapshots in time so progress is more tangible... so here goes.

Things I think I can achieve in 2015 with my green OTTB, limited time, short funds, so-so bravery, and a deep and intense hatred of showing green horses, but I still think need to be done in pursuit of a useful and well-rounded horse to have fun on:

1) Compete at two dressage shows (schooling shows count) with Courage. Me riding. Don't care what level. Complete test and stay in the ring.

2) Attend two jumping shows with Courage. Don't have to compete. Do have to hack around warm up.

he thinks we could do this right now
3) Comfortably jump around a 2'6" course at home, including oxers and spooky fill.

4) Pop over the occasional 3' (or better) single.

5) Get out on the trails. Courage is brave and willing. I want him comfortable solo and in groups.

6) Ride bitless. I dunno. Just want to try it and have an english hackmore, so might as well.

7) Take 1-2 lessons a month so I'm not just stalling out without help.

8) Travel to one out of state show to see either upper level eventing or grand prix showjumping.

this is hot
Reach Goals:

9) Jump double clear around a stadium course at 2' or better in a show.

10) Score 65% or better on a training level dresssage test.

Bonus Goal:

11) Ride in either of the H/J shows at the end of the summer.

Instead of setting big achievement goals, I wanted to break it down this year to more incremental progressive goals. I want to avoid checking in at the end of the year and being like "wow, yeah totally didn't even think about these things". I want to focus on doing the things that make the horse I want to ride.

So yeah, even though I hate showing green horses, I'm going to do it in pursuit of making a less green horse.

but our dressage is getting kick ass
You might also notice that is is way less performance oriented than in years past--I haven't called out specific shows or levels or even anything that seems way out of reach. Part of that is me wanting to attack the mental aspect and get really happy and comfortable and part of it is realistic--I'm not working consistently with a jumping trainer right now and I have other personal goals I'm working towards this year that realistically limit the horsey $$ at least for now.

It's so us
I want to tie this all together more holistically, so look for a sidebar or new tab or something in the near future. Maybe I will also get my shit together and (gasp!) migrate to my own domain here soon.


  1. I cordially invite you to New Jersey in May to watch the Jersey Fresh 3-Day! BIG NAME riders, awesome facility, free admission, pretty horses....just saying ;)

  2. I think after your confidence blog posts you are right on track for you goals. They definitely are more attainable and less scary when they don't have a name!

  3. The goals look perfect for you two. And hello, Rolex! Come visit me! I will be your airport taxi and split hotel with you and whatever else to make it cheaper. Also, getting your own domain through Blogger takes about 5 minutes and $10/year, and is done through your dashboard. No excuse not to have one. Do it!

  4. Yeah these are totally doable! Yes come to Rolex! I can also offer a room to share as there are only 3 of us going :p

  5. Sounds like great goals for 2015! You two are going to have a lot of fun.

  6. I love these goals! They sound fun, reasonable and attainable. GO HAVE FUN with your cute horse and your bad self!!!

    PS. I agree, showing greenies sucks. Keep it simple and keep it positive and keep it fun!

  7. Last year breaking my goals down so that I could progress was really, really helpful. I hope it works for you too!

  8. Showing green horses is not super fun, but it's the only way to make them less green! I didn't want to show green Simon either, but couldn't afford a pro and honestly it wasn't nearly as scary as I built it up to be in my mind.

  9. Those goals are PERFECT for where you guys are right now! 2015 is going to be a great year of progress if you stick with this mindframe. :) Come to the east coast - we've got Jersey Fresh, Plantation, Devon, Fair Hill, Penn National... the list goes on!

  10. Yay domain migration! I've been working on that for a loooooooong time now. Maybe I'll actually get to it.

    I actually really like your goals. They're concrete, they're active, and they aren't scary. Perfection! :)

  11. These are great goals! And you're going to have a blast making them happen. :)

  12. I absolutely love your intro to goals paragraph, haha! So so relatable. You guys will kick ass!

  13. love your goals - a really nice balance of things you can start checking off right now and things to work towards all year. looking forward to seeing how it all goes!!!

  14. #8 - come to California! Galway attracts some amazing riders. =) Excellent goals!


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