Friday, January 9, 2015

Vengeance is Mine

he didn't want to put his ears up. i made him.
My social media friends probably noticed this particular shot going around and were like "WTF SB SOME FAMOUS FASHION LADY SAID ALWAYS TAKE OFF ONE ACCESSORY NOT ADD 7 MORE".

Or what have you.

So yes, I'll admit that Cookie Monster bonnet+snowflake polos+sparkle browband+ogilvy goodness+PS bridle+quarter sheet+sparkly bell boots is a tad on the overkill side.

I'll also point out that it is January and the cold fog is so intense that it's freezing to the ground and you can't see very far and that sucks.


Courage has discovered his new favorite thing IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Standing in the rain.

No joke. I buy snazzy blankets for this damn horse and he stands in the rain with his head straight up so the rain runs under the blanket until the whole freaking thing is SOAKED.

The other horses give it up and go inside. NOT COURAGE.

Oh no. He's the only horse with a private drying rack set up in the tack room so I can rotate blankets enough to keep him semi dry despite his proclivities.

I can rationalize that he's from the track and he hasn't gotten to experience rain much and all that, but you know what? If he's going to make me work this hard, I have no shame decking him out in in snowflakes and sparkles.

It's on like donkey kong.

And yeah, I had to google that.


  1. I, for one, love all the accessories. Why NOT dress them up?

  2. So now is not the time to post how much I love my horse for feeling the same way about mud as me, and always being the cleanest yak in the mud-pit? ;)

    Courage looks stunning in blue, and the polos just pull the cookie monster out more. I don't know what you're talking about. Total conscious style choice.

  3. The cookie monster bonnet is so boss I wouldn't even care if everything else was a fashion faux pas...

  4. The rain in Spain stays mainly on the... Courage.

  5. Aimee, curious - what is the bit you are currently using? It looks a lot like the one I just bought and am dying to try out!

    1. Shauna--it's an HS Sprenger KK Ultra, link here:
      I picked it up for a song on consignment and I'm really happy with it. Hope you love yours. :-)

  6. Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy like ten hoods for his blankets. Because is there ever a reason not to buy more horse things? (You know, aside from realistic obstacles like money...and money.)

  7. Oh silly Courage. To each their own I guess!

  8. In the drab months, I say it's perfectly okay to add as many accessories as you want. So, add bling, color, and logos to your heart's content. Anything to brighten the world up.

  9. Penny loves the rain too....Y U NOT GO IN SHELTER??

  10. Uh that is for sure NOT overkill, it's perfect. Mine stands out in the rain too, he loves to let me know how waterproof his blankets really are.

  11. Never overkill. My general rule is: If I pick up your poop I can dress you in whatever ridiculous costume of my choosing at any time I deem it appropriate.

  12. Hehehe. Chrome hides in the barn when it rains if he doesn't have a blanket, but with his blanket on he is out in it. :)

  13. Can you put hay on the ground out here? It'd have his head down & stop water running down his neck - gravity can work in you favour ☺

  14. Can't you get a rug with a neck cover?? They are the best, and keep the neck clean too!


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