Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clip Me Baby One More Time: Winter Pattern Baldness

so much hair everywhere
Here's a thing about me: I really, really, really hate hair. It makes me batty. I hate being shed on. I hate fuzzy winter horses. I hate goat beards and yak coats and all that shiznit. HATE.

I clipped Courage back in October. I haven't re-clipped since then.

I touch up his face from time to time, but like there is hair. Everywhere. It is not ok with me.

my sexy ass horse

I know that I know that I know clipped horses are harder to care for and require more blanket changes. I know that shedding isn't harmful and many thousands of years of horseman were shed upon every spring and very few horses were murdered as an outcome.

I know that a fuzzy horse is a warm horse and a warm horse is less likely to buck me off, especially as the weather changes.


so bald. so pretty. need mane pull. 2014 pic
But you know what else I know?

My horse is beautiful and I like looking at him. I absolutely refuse to tie up Courage's tail or even braid it because I like looking at it. I like the aesthetics of tack and how it compliments my horse. I really love the look of a freshly clipped horse. I love quarter sheets.

And hell, I own so many blankets I hardly know what to do with all of them.


Just a little bib clip.
I pulled my little clippers out and just did a nice bib clip for Courage on Monday. It didn't take long, it wasn't hard to do, and Courage didn't even need his cooler for very long after the ride. WOO WOO.

forgot how to take pics in the sun
And then Tuesday was warm and sunny and I had a little extra time.Plus Courage gives no shits about clippers, so he just dozes while I clip away.

It's a slow week at work, so I keep taking off a little early to play clippers. Who knows where this will end up...


  1. Full clip! Just do it! I abhor waiting for a wet horse to dry in the frigid night air of Indiana. Seriously, if it's 5 degrees, I want to ride and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Not wait around for sweat to dry under a cooler. Do the clip. Doooooo it! :)

  2. Way to go with the pop culture reference. You need some sort of cool design...What is it to be?

    1. I was hoping I'd get credit for that.

    2. You get all the credit! Totally have Britney Spears stuck in my head

  3. i've been considering a blanket clip...

  4. I have two fuzzballs if you get bored up there...

  5. Knowing you he might end up fully nude. And I support horse nudity.

    Fully with you on the hair thing. HAIR B GONE.

  6. So much easier to care for them pre and post workout without all the hair. I say go full clip.

  7. With you on the hating hair brigade. I love your bridle too, where did you get it?

  8. There are few things in life better than a fully clipped horse in the middle of winter, blanket changes be damned.

  9. I love the title of this post!!! Lol!!!!!


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