Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Horse I Have Today

I'm struggling to find interesting ways to talk about the training process with Courage. Some of you write the most incredible lesson wraps and I think that's cool, but like. Our week looks more like this:

Monday: decide to be the grown up and not put the leaping pad on C, even though it's pretty. Skip lunging, but realize that w/t in the indoor is the limit that C's brain can handle today, even though you have a real photog and want kickass pictures. Staying alive>glorious fail pictures at the funeral.
but alive!
Tuesday: Have a brilliant, glorious ride on a bendy, amazing horse. Be completely alone at the barn and wish you had a trained bird to video. Realize that "bendy and glorious"=w/t/c in a circle, which isn't all that interesting. Realize that you hate birds anyways.

Wednesday: Ride early in the morning to try and beat the horrendous spring winds. Find out C was just vaccinated and is completely incapable of bending his neck or going on a contact or anything. Stare at all the letters in the dressage arena and wonder how you're going to ride a test in that muddle while walking on the buckle.
horse obv dying. obv.
Thursday: Schedule an early morning lesson because I dunno, what a good idea!

Friday: try to remember not to burn your horse out on dressage before his big move-up show. Consider setting jumps and realize that pissing him off over fences is also a bad idea.

Saturday: look like we have our shit together hopefully.

Sunday: repeat Saturday? Or not, if Saturday is bad.
there's a broke horse in there somewhere
If it looks like we're having one "successful" schooling ride on our own a week, well, keep in mind this schedule is pretty optimistic.

I'm not complaining about it--I enjoy my horse and his quirks make me laugh, but how exactly I make interesting blog content out of "today my horse couldn't turn his head to eat a carrot" is a bit beyond me.
actual event
So uh. Thanks for readying, sorry things are slow, and here's to maybe not embarrassing ourselves too much this weekend?


  1. Hot Rod is the same way with vaccines. It's frustrating and I feel bad that he's uncomfortable. Necessary evil?

  2. You crack me up. Your blog is one of the few I can read start to finish every time! I am with you on wishing for a trained video bird once in a while... but I don't like birds either.

  3. I think there are several of us in this boat. Good luck this weekend and even if it doesn't go as planned at least you will have something non boring to write about... :)

  4. Rico's neck is the same way with vaccines, so I have it down in his vet records that he gets banamine with his vaccines. He's still sore but I don't have to give him like four days off anymore! Without the banamine, he'll stand pathetically over his hay/water until someone raises it up for him lol

  5. At least you have good media content, I feel like I usually don't have much to write about AND I rarely get good new riding pictures so I feel extra boring.

  6. Um... you've been reading my blog lately right? Yours is a page-turner compared to mine!

    Also, you'll be fine at the show. And even if you're not, you can text me and I'll tell you a comparable horror story to make you feel better. Like the time Tucker threw in a line of fours, cause he wants to do Fourth level, not First.

  7. If you can figure out the trained bird thing, please let me know. You always have great media content, which is the bane of my existence. I have plenty to write about, but who wants to read just words? BORING.

    I hope all goes well on Saturday, but just remember, there is no negative press.

  8. I get it. Finding blog content for me has been tricksy lately, what with everything going on (and also not going on in terms of having a horse). You'll have a breakthrough soon and feel inspired again!

  9. I fell off my horse in the warm up ring at the first show he's ever been to. That wasn't cool. I'm sure your day will be better than that. Here's to hoping anyway!

  10. My best rides are always when I am completely alone. I guess that is good safety wise but it makes you wonder "did it even happen?"

  11. Shuga is the exact same way with vaccines. I can't ride her for several days afterward because she is so stiff and sore. We've tried switching up vaccine locations and everything else the vet can think of, but the only thing that helps is a dose of banamine before vaccines. And even then she's only moderately better. So we just take a few days off.

  12. You're going to do great on Saturday :) Also, I wish I had half your talent for summing up some not so exciting rides into a fun and interesting blog post!

  13. Buuuuuut I mean any post that involves pics of you riding in the precious (totally jealous over here of that awesome open hip angle) is a win, right?

  14. You came up with a more interesting blog post than I did! Hah

  15. It amazes me that you can come up with content multiple days a week! Or year even. Keep on truckin.


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