Monday, July 18, 2016

Insert Frustrated Sounds Here

 I sort of think I could just drop this meme here and it would cover all my feelings about the past few weeks.

Two weeks ago, we couldn't work because Courage's toes were long and he was kinda on and off.

One week ago, he decided that stretchy trot was too hard and we couldn't work because we couldn't brain.

Oh and then last week, he wrapped up his bell boot-destroying-rampage by NEARLY SEVERING HIS LEG getting a probably-self-inflicted tiny cut and being COMPLETELY CRIPPLED.

Yeah no strikethrough on that one because it's actually true.
It's a long ways from his heart. It's not serious or scary or even really anything. If he was anything other than a giant princess thoroughbred, it wouldn't be swollen and he wouldn't notice it.
But noooooooo he is most definitely a princess and so I am (not actually a joke) tack walking, cold hosing, and buting him for a TINY CUT that BARELY broke the skin.
and repeat
You might say I'm massively overreacting and I 110% agree with you. IT'S A TINY CUT.

But. I discovered it Thursday morning when homeboy could barely touch his foot to the ground to hobble around because OMG CRIPPLED.

this is what crippled looks like
Gave him two days off with bute+cold hosing and he was still off at the trot. Did a couple more days tack walking but no bute or hosing and yeah, you guessed it, he blew the leg back up like a balloon.
also he wants a glove balloon
So yeah. I'd scheduled some lessons for this week and was hoping we could finally start moving forward again.
 which of you bitches ruined my plan by telling him?


  1. Did that 'cut' even bleed?! What a pansy.

  2. Not it! I didn't say anything! Though when Theo blew up for no damn reason, wrapping with one of those poultice pads right over the little scrape settled it right down (after multiple days of fighting with it). All the poultice benefits without jamming it in a cut. Just a thought.

    1. I may have to come up with a creative way to wrap that.

      Of course, he also eats wraps when left alone with them so I dunno.

  3. Come on, Courage, toughen up.

  4. Boo! My guy is lame right now and probably off for the rest of the month. I feel your pain! (and his was literally from being an idiot and rearing up in the field. Gr, princess ponies. Man up!)

  5. This has been my life for the past 5 weeks. Horses, man.

  6. Bubble wrap. That's all I've got.

  7. As much as I sympathize with your frustration, I must be honest: I woke up my newborn with my giggling fit. My friend thinks her mare is a glass princess, but she's got nothing on Courage. He is the best of the best in that category. Haha!

  8. Izzy is also prone to BIG swelling and SLOW healing. My sturdy gray Arab on the other hand can go with blood dripping down his leg. Why some have a decent pain tolerance and others don't is a complete mystery to me.

  9. That sucks!! I've been lucky to never have a princess TB but my friend does and she's doing this sort of thing to herself all the time :( poor you and poor princess Courage :(

  10. Oh crap. Heal up Mr. Courage! And then there are mares: I'm all ":O - you are missing a leg.", and my mare is all "Meh. I have three others. I'm good."

  11. I am grumbling massively right now at courage's life choices and his own reactions to them.

  12. Gray is a princess about tiny cuts too. SO it was extra surprising when I went out to feed him and he had managed to gouge a chunk out of himself and he was just chilling eating hay like "Wut?" Ughhhh they are all the worst. :)

  13. Irish is a bit of a princess too. :D
    I swear I never told him!

  14. Horses....make you crazy. Hopefully Courage can get his princess shit together for you. :)


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