Friday, July 22, 2016

Didn't Ask, Definitely Telling

I've always called Courage a "flamboyant" horse.

By which I mean he is gay.

Here's a video of him and his gay roommate. Note that I posted it over a year and a half ago. Oh and before I drop it in here, let me warn you that more than one person who's seen it has shouted YOU CAN'T UNSEE THAT whether they like horses or not, so watch at your own risk.

Ahem. If you skipped the full video experience, I'm not judging you.

All that to say, it doesn't surprise me at all when we spend entire rides gawking at the curvy backsides of other geldings. I swear this is what Courage likes best about dressage--he's seen skinny thoroughbreds naked his whole life. He's ready for some CURVES.
mmmmm half spanish!

could barely pull him off this one. can i get a BADONKADONK? 
So when we found ourselves riding with the local grey Spanish dreamboat baby, I wasn't surpised that SOMEONE couldn't focus and just wanted to follow Dat Ass, but I was surprised how it worked out.

Courage promptly reverted to baby-like training levels. Seriously. Could barely steer. Couldn't make corners. Would just sort of collapse in a heap when asked for downward transitions.

I mean. The good news is that he felt sound (FINALLY).
yeah hind polos cuz i didn't wanna die
The bad news is that a certain bay horse needs to re-learn how to FOCUS when his horse crushes are in the ring with us. It's bad, people.


  1. that video!
    Irish get crushes and he's a total dork about it. I think he's bisexual- he gets crushes on either gender. My friend has a stunning Andalusian stallion and Irish fangirls like a pre-teen at a New Directions concert. It's embarrassing.

  2. Candy loves my lease horse, Lexie. Like... LOVES her, and he is the only horse who can follow directly behind her without getting nailed by her hooves or her mouth. He screams when she leaves, and she screams when she returns. His Spanish self just loves fat bottomed girls... It's a ridiculous situation....

  3. All the mares love Stinker when they are in season... The rest of the time not so much. Poor guy is just a booty call. That being said he doesn't pay much attention to them which is awesome for me.
    That video is hilarious!!! Poor Courage all of his secrets are out.

  4. My OTTB also seems to harbor some same sex preferences haha. The best day of his life was when we had a blizzard and more horses than stalls and his crush had to bunk with him 😉 but yay that he's sound again!

  5. Yankee is also hardcore gay so I understand this hahahaha

  6. My first horse Quincy was super duper flamingly gay. His boyfriend was named Sunny and they did everything together.

    And then I retired him and he went to go live with a herd of 50 mares and geldings. And who did he fall madly in love with?
    The 30+ year old, Cushingoid, dirt colored, red weepy eyed Appaloosa mare.

  7. Haha, the heart wants what the heart wants. Courage knows what he likes and goes for it! Glad he is sound again :)

  8. Bahahaha this post has joined my fav post list 😂😆😂😆😂😆

  9. hahahah this is one of your best posts

    ive never seen horses making out like that before!

  10. Omg the video....hahaha wtf! I have never seen horses do that before

  11. Skipped the video, but understand the concept...haha! Pongo's training used to go out the window anytime a pony came in the arena. Except that was because giant spotted beast was scared of ponies.

    1. Uh yeah he has a pony thing too. It's pretty serious. Not fear. LOVE.

  12. My pony just thinks he's da Bomb! Everyone should be in love with him. I don't think it matters or that he even cares about their gender. He doesn't care if they are two or four legged. If he had a mirror I bet he would stand in front of it all day too. He's just so vain that way and that's part of what makes him so unique.

  13. Too funny. Maybe he needs a calendar of dressage horses in his stall.

  14. What did I just watch??? A video of two horses making out??? My eyes! :)

  15. that video is my favorite thing you've posted, hands down. My horse literally hates everyone and will put up with very few horses to a certain extent, but when we still had our appaloosa gelding, he would lick him, stalk him around, and grab his halter with his mouth and pull him around everywhere he went. Weirdo.

  16. Gotta love a good Bro-mance LOL been in the same boat a time or two!


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