Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blogger Road Trip!

it is beautiful. also not satin.
While all y'all were out winning ribbons this weekend (I swear me and Serena are the only ones with no loot), I plotted world domination.


I pretended my horse would get on a trailer.

Funny joke!

so much road! (photos by redheadlins)
I caught up with Niamh from Life of Riley on her cross country adventure and planned a meet up. Redheadlins, Alyssa, and I headed east across the state to meet in a small(ish) Idaho town for yummy lunch at a local place. I didn't know the town at all, but the text under the name informed us it was a "damn good bar" and that seemed like a good place to start.

Haha. The sign wasn't wrong.

At any rate, it was basically the OTTB Lovers' Club, USA style. Funny how despite being worlds apart and living completely different lives, we all have so much in common. And can talk for hours.

I mean, Niamh walked in and sat down. We didn't even need introductions and the poor waitress was probably ready to shoot us because we kept talking about horses instead of reading the menu to order. Ooops. Sorry nice waitress.

It was a total blast (Niamh is awesome. I already knew the other two were.) and I'm so glad we can meet up. I mean, isn't half a third some of the fun of riding just having other people who are crazy like you to hang out with?

I certainly think so.


  1. This is SO awesome! I especially love the Husband Day Care sign :)

  2. This is fantastic! Niamh IS wonderful and I'm more than a little jealous that all of you got to get together!

  3. what fun! hanging out with horse ppl talkin horses for hours is absolutely just as awesome as riding :D

  4. So cool you guys got to hang out!

  5. Blogger meet-ups are THE BEST.

  6. The finest group of women in all of Twin Falls.

  7. Awesome!! Three of my horsey friends went out for drinks this weekend and a fourth non horsey girl got invited as well. We promised we wouldn't talk about horses, but, pft, like that happened

  8. Sounds like a blast. I've met only one blogger so far: Carey from Me Jump Pretty. But it was awesome. If you ever head to SoCal, give us a call. :)

  9. Hooray! Finally catching up on blogs as I returned home a day ago! I loved meeting up with you guys, and it was so lovely to sit and talk horses nonstop! I love, love meeting bloggers in real life and I hope we can do it again (suggestion: you guys come to the east coast and ride some of our ponies!)


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