Friday, May 15, 2015

Bay Horse Brag

In our continued quest to find common ground and have fun, Courage and I started back over fences. I know, wtf, most people who can't turn right in an intro dressage test shouldn't be like "EFF YEAH JUMPS MAKE IT BETTER", but well... We jumped a lot last year and Courage is good at it and so we're doing it.

I already talked about how we jumped two jump blocks side by side with nary a blink from C Rage. I joked to someone about how a single barrel was next, and then I was like "um yeah why not".

yes i did lunge and take this on my phone #badass

I did pop him over it on the lunge first just to help us have a good experience. He didn't blink or question it, so off we went.

True confession: for my entire life until Courage, barrels have always scared the crap out of me. I don't know why.

But on C, they just aren't scary. He gets them, I get him, it's all good.

The first time, I walked in and held a steady contact with my leg on, then asked him to trot a couple strides out.

He popped over.

I even got a barnmate to video:

in case you hate videos like me
I mean, yeah, we can all sit here and pick my eq to pieces, but hello quiet, easy ride on a greenie over A SINGLE BARREL.

Damn guys. I'm impressed with us.

We hopped over it both directions, then went for a hack on the buckle because we're badass and that's what we do.

In fact, if you get really ambitious on my youtube channel, you'll even find a video of us walking through a puddle. Which is obviously riveting. Give me the Oscar now.

Someday, we'll get back in the dressage tack again and I'll try to remember how to sit up, but for now? I'm having fun. :-)


  1. Love his tail in that barrel pic! Glad you guys had fun :)

  2. YAY FUN!!!! Hugs to you and Courage. :) You both look absolutely lovely in the video... so quiet and relaxed.

  3. Yay for fun!!! You both look great. I'm happy that y'all are in a good groove right now!

  4. That is awesome! Maybe C just prefers to be an H/J horse? That was a great video. Very balanced and relaxed! Loved the big pat for C-man at the end :)

  5. Yes! Do this! More of this! {{nods head repeatedly}} Courage and Sprinks are awesome at this! Single barrels ain't no thang for them!

  6. I don't think it's crazy to get back to jumping at all! If Courage likes it, then there's definitely things he can learn doing this. Like maybe turning right! He could be like "oh hey, right turns sometimes lead to awesome barrel jumps, I guess I could turn right!" I think pony logic works like that.

    1. I was literally just about to post this exact thing! Mixing it up and finding a reason for him to do the things you are asking him is good.

  7. Brag on you fancy jumping machines!

  8. I don't like to work, work, work and never play. So it's understandable that you feel the same way. That's the GOOD part about being an amateur and not a professional so you should definitely enjoy it!

  9. This post makes me so happy. It's all about having fun. <3 Sometimes you have to go back to what you know. It's the foundation of the reason you're doing this.

  10. Very nice! And I think you are spot on doing what is fun for you both. Yes we should push the envelop and learn and get better but we can't and they can't be constantly focused on new information or they and we will burn out and they start finding new and exciting ways to distract themselves. So heck yes go jumping and hacking and eff the right turn. It will come.

  11. I'm so glad it's going better! Sometimes it is good to just get back to the root of what you love about this horse and take some time to build the relationship up a bit before tackling the main issues. Love the barrel jump! Super impressive :)

  12. YAY FUN! What a good boy and sounds like a fabulous ride!


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