Friday, May 22, 2015

Tack Ho Confessions: Justification

dressage saddle, standing martingale, mismatched blues
There is literally no way to have this conversation without admitting what an abject ho I am, so just roll with it. Or hustle your judgy pants down to the comments and tell me that you hate fine leather and nice things. Either way.

Courage flats in a plain cavesson with a standing martingale right now. I jump him in the running, but that seems a little too claustrophobic for dressage for him at this point and due to not wanting my face smashed in on his occasional tantrums, martingales are staying. For now. And I'm NOT putting a standing on a crank every day(1) tacky 2) lazy), so the dressage bridle is out.

do love this bridle
Also. Courage likes his big, fat sprenger eggbutt which is maybe one of the ugliest bits ever made. It's also wicked expensive. And gold. It's (SOB) too fat to easily go on and off the clips on my PS Flat Out bridle (seriously the only shortcoming of that bridle). It looks horrendous on my Aramus hunter bridle (no pictures). I've been taking the cavesson off of my horse size Nunn Finer and putting it on my Nunn Finer Figure eight to accomodate both bit and standing, but like...

The brass hardware on the cavesson totally clashes with the stainless hardware on the headstall. Can a get a resounding "OMG EWWWW" from my fellow tack hos?

Again. What is the point of being a tack ho if you're stuck in a franken-bridle? For serious guys. It's not ok.

not nunn finer
The obvious solution is simply to order the cavesson for the Nunn Finer. so everything is the right size and matches. I looked in to that. It was going to cost $70.

In my mind though, I already have a plain cavesson Nunn Finer. And if I were to sell the figure eight, I don't think having the cavesson would add any value. And all those things.

So instead of going that route, it makes more sense to buy something that 1) matches and 2) I don't already have and 3) I 've been wanting for ages but haven't put the obsessive energy into finding the right model of yet.

Oh, and what would that be exactly?

Race noseband with diamond cutouts and navy padding, havana leather and stainless hardware? Yes. that is what I want. Of course, the racing industry apparently doesn't exist on the internet and what I wanted was going to be a custom order...

but navy. it must be navy.

That happened.

Pics when it gets here.

And if you understood this post, congratulations. You're able to appreciate "the fine art of justifying absolutely anything". I'll get your tack ho name tag to you shortly.


  1. The Frankenstein bridle is sort of my jam. Right now the only original thing on my bridle are the cheek pieces ...

    1. Related: Why can't they make cranks that aren't a bitch and half to put on?

      Related: Why can't they make nice black nosebands that aren't cranks?

    2. True story: I have the crank on my dressage bridle adjusted loosely enough that I just slide it on. There are just so many buckles and keepers.

    3. I also never unbuckle the crank on my eventing head stall. Too hard to do up, and I always loose the keeper if I undo it.

  2. TIL what a racing caveson is. I like you. That is all.

  3. I totally get you. Justifying is the best way to spend money on tack.

  4. I understand this post. Please put Swarovski crystals on my name tag.

  5. Did you order that from Ocala? I remember really wanting a custom browband from them that I never got around to ordering.

  6. It's gonna be so awesome!! It will match a number of your bridles, won't it?

  7. I can't wait to see your new custom piece. :)

  8. i'm at peace with my frankenbridle, and it's mismatched sprenger bit with brass clincher browband but otherwise nickel hardware. it's fine. but simultaneously i can rationalize just about anything and see no fault in your logic. obvi you must have this new piece of tack - and i can't wait to see it!!

  9. I have one nice show dressage bridle. The rest of my tack is literally pieced together. I am not sure how this even happened, but I do dream of a bridle that is all from one maker and fits perfectly...

  10. Hahaha, I love this. Matching bridle pieces are life. Send me my damn tag now


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