Thursday, May 14, 2015

Where We're At

the scary corner
How do I say this without sounding really annoying? I'm a total vortex of stress and angst and I apologize for how annoying I must be to chat with right now.


Courage and I have been re-exploring the things we enjoy doing together to see if our differences can be resolved.

We started with hacking.

I gave him the option of going forward on a loose rein at the walk, standing to looking at scary things, or getting booted around in tiny circles.

After a somewhat protracted discussion, he reliably chose option A.

+10 for lunging over a skinny and getting a pic
Then the next day, I set up jumps. I know we're not ready to tackle a course cold right now. I set a bunch of skinnies, so the whole exercise would be about steering and listening instead of the jumping so much. (One thing: I didn't have the teeniest twinge of fear at any point. Yay Courage!)

I did lunge him over the "scary" new yellow box first just so I wouldn't have to do the green horse thing from the saddle, but he was pretty great.

He was a little sketchy to ride just because while he'd jump fine, he wanted to have an absolute MELTDOWN any time I lightly touched his face in the corners (mean, mean scary happy mouth mullen OMG).

so skinny
But hey, he was turning right reliably and we even cantered a couple of the fences and you have to admit, two jump blocks is actually pretty narrow and he NEVER once questioned going over them when I was in the saddle.

That actually felt really good.

It wasn't "fun", but it was challenging and sort of fulfilling.

Well at least, it was if you ignore the part about how he started the ride by going "AIN'T NO WAY BITCHES" and rearing and spinning because omg, a quail on the ground.

so cute
So whatever all that adds up too. We were supposed to hit a little schooling show yesterday, so I lunged the snot out of him, had a fantastic dressage ride (srsly where did good horse come from???), then hacked around. He wanted to have a meltdown about something I will grant could be legitimately scary, then got over himself (with a lot of kicking from me) and was actually quite reasonable.

But then we weren't able to go to the show for reasons completely outside of our control.

position is not too terrible for barely ever jumping lately
I'm getting really good at memorizing tests I'm not going to ride, I guess.

So that's where things stand right now. I don't know where it is. But I'm here.


  1. You'll figure it out in time I'm sure of it. It does sound like he is growing and learning maybe just at a pace slower than desired. I was just talking to Monica about out short bus TB'S and their special needs. They can be so frustrating and so rewarding.

  2. Working with babies is always full of ups and downs, even in the same week! Sounds like you're starting to find more good parts though.

  3. honestly doesn't sound like a half bad place to be right now (aside from the vortex of stress and anxiety - that doesn't sound great). but the scientist in my can really appreciate your methodical and patient approach of finding things you can both do well at together. good luck!

  4. Somewhere is better than nowhere:) As frustrating as things can be for you, it does seem like your making progress from an outsider's perspective. Hang in there, he may just have the spring freshness going on.

  5. You guys are looking great! Hang in there. :-)

  6. This is the way to go with a baby I think. Or really with any horse. Mix it up, create "challenges" that you know you can accomplish. Like the small skinny jumps, which is a GREAT way to practice turning and steering and focus, and something we do a lot in the winter when Tucker cannot brain. Even if this stuff doesn't "feel" like progress in the traditional sense, it actually is.

  7. I don't have much to add, but that's a pretty amazing lunging picture. I do not have those skills.

  8. Skinnies like a BOSS! What a great idea for a ride - a whole bunch of small skinnies without standards to really test steering. I'm gonna try that sometime. Overall sounds like there's plenty of positive along with the moments of crazy. Too bad about the show.

  9. Damn, you go with those skinnies, girl.

    Maybe you can take a vid of your test and send it in to one of the online shows? No pressure to perform OR get a trailer...

  10. I have never lunged Henry over a fence, wonder if he would jump it lol

  11. Sometimes its nice (and humbling) to have a challenging ride, not just a nice ride. Sounds like you were productive and conquered a goal! Looking good :)

    Last week I lost my friend, an NYPD officer who was shot in the line of duty. I'm inviting you to join my movement to Be More. I'll be riding for him this season and beyond, I'd love for you to join in on how you can "Be More"
    The Inside Turn. // Equestrian Blog

  12. I know exactly how annoying it is to prepare for a show and then haves to scratch at the last minute, it's the absolute worst!

    I think the challenging rides mixed with the good rides is what grows us as riders, much as they're a PITA at the time :(

  13. Today my horse forgot to horse. After an hour all he'd accomplished was to get remarkably foamy and step on the front of his own front foot. Wtf.


    I should've just gone for a trail ride like you.

  14. Skinnies FTW. Also, for the record, your OTTB is much better at jumping skinnies than my seasoned hunter. So there's that.

    1. Also, this post:


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