Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goals Update

not a goal. still fun.
It's Mid-May. Part of my goal for this year was to actually check in with said goals that I set early in the year. So let's see where we're at:

1) Compete at two dressage shows (schooling shows count) with Courage. Me riding. Don't care what level. Complete test and stay in the ring.

Well. Yeah. Does it count if I've signed up for two shows and have yet to actually be able to arrive? And signed up for a clinic I failed to get to? Not really. I'm signing up for more things. And actually getting to them. Somehow. 

2) Attend two jumping shows with Courage. Don't have to compete. Do have to hack around warm up.

Haven't even attempted this. In fairness, I was going to try and go to one two of them actually, but then I bailed in favor of the expensive clinic and then that didn't work out. Guess it's time to send in that event derby entry. HEY IT'S TOTALLY A JUMPING SHOW.

stretchy trot could be a goal
3) Comfortably jump around a 2'6" course at home, including oxers and spooky fill.

Well, this hasn't actually happened yet, but I am making steps in that direction AND I feel like it's doable AND this is a year end goal. So back pat, self.

6) Ride bitless. I dunno. Just want to try it and have an english hackmore, so might as well.

I keep contemplating this. I need to make it happen. It's quite achievable. 7) Take 1-2 lessons a month so I'm not just stalling out without help.

Winning! I think I am actually doing this. We're a little behind this month, again due to not clinicing (sigh), but I don't feel lost and alone.

I'm really glad I looked at this. It prompted me to actually fill out and mail in two show entries. Omg! As of now, Courage and I are scheduled to do this:

5/31 - Event derby at ground poles. IT COUNTS AS JUMPING OK?! I have long standing XC issues, but C just needs exposure right now, so it's basically a dressage test and a trail ride. I love trail rides.

you know you'll see this again
6/3 - dressage schooling show at intro. I swear I'll make it this time. No ribbons. Two tests. Just to get him out. 

6/20 - dressage show (ribbons!) at training level. Two tests, opportunity classes. 

And we'll see where we go from there. Our goals may not be earth shaking, but I at least feel like they're achievable. Even for us. I have a couple of options that will satisfy the jumper show thing. We'll figure it out. 

math dog is judging you
Noted: if you are like "WTF sb, those numbers don't make a list" you are correct. I'm just checking in on the things that are achievable so far to keep myself on task. Other things are being worked on or need these things complete before I can really work on them.


  1. Yay! It's always good to have something to work towards and shows are great for that.

  2. What does it say about me that I didn't even notice the numbers didn't add up?

    That all sounds reasonable and attainable! Go forth and have fun!

    Math dog is adorbs!

  3. Hey, we've all gotta start somewhere and plus, plans are great but in order to truly work, you have to flexible -- especially with horses! Don't get down on yourself, you still have tons of time in the year :-)

  4. Excellent goals! Perfect for where you guys are right now. You got this.

  5. I like that you make goals. I don't, because I'm afraid of failure. And regardless of what goals you set/achieve/revisit/scrap... I think you and Courage are winning.

  6. not bad - you guys can totally do this! it must actually feel pretty good right about now to check in on the goals and see that many of them are still super realistic despite some recent rough patches :)

  7. Sound like your goals are pretty flexible and realistic. Also gonna be that person that says yay glad you are getting a little more training help with Courage. Unless you're GM we all need a more trained eye to help us along sometimes. Even if it's just to say suck it up you're doing fine. (I need that a LOT).

  8. I'll be judged by that face all day long. Don't even care. And you are going to kick all the ass!

  9. These all sound like great opportunities to get out, have fun, and get more miles! All the best!

  10. I think you should add to your goal list "Teach Courage to drive so if his bitch ass throws another unnecessary tantrum about getting on the trailer, he can pull me to the show instead." But hopefully that doesn't happen again and you guys will rock the shit out of your shows!

  11. Wahoo signing up for shows! Poles do count as jumps: you have to go over them.

  12. Math dog should have goals too.

    1. I think his monthly goal was "chew through harness and destroy it".

      Mission. Accomplished.

  13. Haha! I didn't notice the numbers until you pointed it out. Goals are a good thing. I should start my own list.

  14. I love jumping the barrels! My horses have all had hysterical fits the first time over barrels.

  15. Math dog can toy keep husgong me because I also didn't notice the numbers >_< way to go on the show entries! That derby sounds fun!!

  16. I think it's good that you're mixing it up. It's so easy to get stuck in the daily grind of one discipline. I know it is one of my less desirable habits while riding.

  17. Am event derby? That sounds cool!

  18. Am event derby? That sounds cool!


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