Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Small Business Awesome: Straight Shot Metal

plus bonus key chain
Y'all know how I am about stress buying. And sparkles. Here's the funny thing: as much as I love sparkles, I really can't get in to bridle charms. I mean, I have more of them than I have bridles (thanks Micaylah for helping make them!), but they don't speak to me the way a sparkle browband does.

Then I ran across Straight Shot Metal.


Love it. Need it.

Best halter tag ever
I can't explain it. I'm not a skull person. I'm not a charm person. I'm totally a custom and eye catching person and who can say no to good juju?

That's right. Within like 2 minutes of discovering the store (curated by blogland's own Beka from The Owls Approve), I had ordered my very own Good Juju Bridle Charm with custom hand stamping. Admittedly, it took me probably another half hour to pick colors and stamping options, but that's because I'm crazy indecisive and there are SO MANY FUN COLORS.

It shipped fast, even though it was fully custom, and Beka included a sweet swag keychain with color inlaid in the stamping. Yay being an early customer!

Color. Me. Impressed.

I absolutely loved the charm in person--it was the exact vibe I was going for. Quirky, fun, striking, but not screaming NOTICE ME like some sort of weird teenager thing.

And you better believe I'm milking that good juju for all it's worth.

I mean, I put it on my figure eight bridle at first, then switched it to one of my PS bridles because I couldn't stand to ride without it.

Not kidding.

Like all of my favorite things, it just makes me smile when I look at it and that's reason enough for me.

Well that and the fact that buying a custom, hand-stamped charm will set you back a whopping $7. Yeah. Like if you made minimum wage, you could still pay for this in under an hour.

So if I were you, I'd hop in on this deal before Beka jacks her prices up just because she can. (Noted: she has in no way hinted to me that she would. I just think this is a screaming deal and I'll capitalize if I were you. Or me. My next order is already on the way.) (Also noted: she has hinted to me about this: "Buddha, stars, and boots". Um. Yes. There will be another order.)

Courtesy of Straight Shot Metal etsy
If bridle charms aren't your jam (no judgement here), she also makes sweet bracelets.

That I want.

And I have no self control, so you all know where this is going.

All this to say, I am absolutely thrilled with Straight Shot Metal and you can definitely look for more pieces being featured here. Plus you should check out their etsy store, and drop by Beka's blog to see what's going on.

PS I totally should have leveraged this to see if Beka would give me free stuff, but I didn't. Because I suck at that. Rest assured, my opinions are completely unbaised by any providing of free products and I paid the same as anyone else.


  1. I've been seeing Beka's stuff on a few blogs now, and of course I follow her IG page, so I might need to commandeer a bracelet for myself :) Love your charm though!

  2. Love Beka's stuff!!! I ordered a couple of arrow bracelets that I love, and I have grabby hands for pretty much all the other bracelets, too.

  3. I love her stuff too!

  4. love it!!! got a very similar charm too that arrived in the mail today - squeeee!!!

  5. =D same! And they are great gift ideas for barn-mates!

  6. I've been browsing her Esty store as well, love all the new stuff! I need to get an order together!

  7. OMG I love this, i never used to be a fan of bridle charms I just couldn't quite figure out the appeal for them (and here in the UK they aren't seen much) but these I love!

  8. Beka's got so much cool stuff to choose from. I can't decide what to get!

  9. Thanks for the love! I'm glad you like it and hope you like the new stuff just as much. :)

  10. Well great, now I had to go order one for the real horse AND the imaginary horse. What is wrong with me.


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