Monday, May 18, 2015

Check Out my Sexy Bay Horse

plus put barrel under jump for de-spooking
In our barrel jumping adventures last week, I noticed that Courage was jumping a little too up and down and not enough forward and out. Part of that is because I was keeping things slow and not really letting him canter forward over them, but part was because he hasn't jumped all winter and needed a reminder how all the body parts work.

So when Redheadlins came out to play on Epic Pony Saturday, it was high time to lunge Courage over some jumps so he could figure out how to work all the parts without a rider interfering.

It's a strategy I've used for him before and been really happy with the results.

SLICE IT. Fix that distance.
He isn't super jumping fit right now and we are just trying to help him learn. We kept it really simple--he's on a lunge line to give me control over the pissing off/galloping away that he might otherwise try (which is not productive), and we only jumped each height 1 or 2 times nicely, then told him what a good boy he was and reset it.

He's definitely stronger to the left right now, but he gave the right a good, solid effort.

Oh, you don't believe me? What if I have it all in high def slow motion video courtesy of iphone?


jumping the standards because we can
All that to say.


And OMG YOU GUYS you should have seen him start to open up his back end over the oxer, which is unfortunately not on any of the videos I've seen so far, but it's coming along.

Like... once he's more jumping fit, we're going to try this again, because there are gears in there we've never even touched.

Ahem. The whole entire point was to get Courage on more of a bascule, jumping out and across instead of just up and down.

Misson accomplished.


  1. Nice! I've always wanted to do this with Foster but never had the right facilities... Look at him jump! Woo!

  2. That's cool! What an athlete he is!

  3. When I pull my iPhone slo-mo onto my computer, they don't come over in slo-motion. What are you doing to make it work correctly?

    1. I don't know. Mine is fine if I upload to youtube straight from my phone, but if I try to instagram, BAM no slow mo. It's a pain.

  4. Wow! Sexy bay horse, indeed!

  5. Mission very much accomplished! Beautiful!

  6. Courage looks great! we tried free jumping my friend's green bean ottb for similar reasons and it really helped him understand the whole jumping thing - like it just 'clicked' for him suddenly

  7. High five!
    And my iPhone doesn't co-operate with Blogger OR YouTube, boo!

    Glad yours does though 'cus that's one cool vid!

  8. Love the slow motion! What a beast!

  9. Wiz and I need to do this once we move!

  10. Oh and of course he really looks super fab right now

  11. Awesome! I'm thrilled to hear it went so well :) He's got loads of talent for sure :)


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