Friday, March 4, 2016

Horses As Characters: Why Courage is Darkwing Duck

Austen started this off with a bang, then Marissa jumped in. And what can I say? As another blogger with a horse sporting a larger-than-life personality, I had to try it too.

I hope this isn't too 90s for most of you, but Courage really reminds me of the infamous Darkwing Duck. From his bloated self image to his dashing persona, the similarities are just striking.

This is how Courage sees himself:
 And this is him when he remembers to actually go to work:
 Then he realizes he might not have to do what I'm asking.
 And gets all mouthy to me.
 Of course, his "let's get dangerous" catch phrase is absolutely perfect.
 But it's hard to take him seriously when he looks like this.
 Besides, any more his threats are more this:

 But he never fails to approach a lady with 100% confidence.
It just fits. I probably need to get him a purple cape.


  1. Pardon me while I die from my laughing/coughing fit but he would be fabulous in a purple cape and his FEI moves!

  2. Bahahaha to the returned checks bit

  3. Hahahaha!! I love it! I feel like I really know him! Now I need to think of one for my guy...

  4. I need to do this for mi papi. Hmmm....

  5. Hahaha Love this. Though of course now I'm going to have the theme song stuck in my head all day!

  6. Yes, you need a purple cape. Obviously.

  7. I die. DIE. Purple cape, er cooler, needs to be on order. Stat.

    True story. Getting out of the shower, on the daily, I will do the dashing Darkwing Duck move. Every. Damn. Day.

    Stay classy...

  8. hahaha this is toooo perfect, oh Courage lol

  9. LOL (actually). This is PERFECT for him!! I was hoping you'd do one, cause Courage just sort of lends himself to having a character. I could think of a few that might work but Darkwing Duck did not come to mind and I am SO glad you're more creative than I. Thanks for the throwback :)

  10. too 90s?! you can't be too 90s- I love me some 90s.

  11. You should totally get him a purple cape.

  12. This might be the best post you have ever had, seriously. So awesome.


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