Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 4 Things I Hate About My OTTB

I posted before about how thoroughbreds aren't for everyone and caught a lot of flak. Apparently I learned nothing from that, so here we go again. Here are the top 4 things I hate about my OTTB.

1) His weight.

For real. My friends are all like "my horse won't gain weight waaaaah" and spend hours trying to figure out how to fit the maximum number of calories into every time crumb of grain. I mean, they buy supplements and concoctions and obsess together and bond over it.

And I'm just over here like "maybe I should cut his alfalfa back a little because homeboy is a fatty."

2) His tail. 

I'm a pretty low maintenance kind of girl. I use cheap shampoo on myself. I don't have "products" beyond that.

Courage has a tail so long and so thick that I use three products to wash/condition it and it takes me a solid hour just to work stuff into that thick, luxurious tail of his. I mean, yeah it's gorgeous, but it's so much work.

3) His face.

Right? I mean, I JUST WROTE yet another bridle post because his face is so damn pretty that I can never decide what looks best on him. I have a revolving door of beautiful tack because I'm always in pursuit of "the one" for him, but he's such an attractive horse that it's hard to tell...

I mean, if he was just a stupid plug with a plain face, he could wear any old thing and look his best.

4) His personality.

Seriously. You can never "just ride" this horse. He's interactive and expressive on the ground. He has opinionz about everything. Even once I get in the saddle, everything with this horse is trust and partnership.

Forget mindless drilling. Either you learn to work with him or he gets you off. Period.

The struggle is real.


  1. Man, that's awful. You're right, no one should have an OTTB. Why would anyone do that to themselves?

  2. Such a bummer about that tail, I mean it is almost obscene.

  3. Oh my lord, the tail. It takes half a bottle of show sheen to get through Apollo's, it's so thick and long. I have to fight to get a comment on my riding because everyone's all like ERMAHGERD LOOK AT THAT INCREDIBLE TAIL. I can't stand it. Why did I choose an OTTB again?

  4. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I'm so glad I have a giant warmblood with a crappy tail and mule ears and no personality whatsoever so I don't have to deal with any of this :)

  5. Such a hard life with that tail- you poor thing :)

  6. I'm amazed at how well you cope.
    But his weight? I have a half TB and he has food in front of his face 24/7 and he's still on the thin side. Sigh

  7. He's just 100% awesome.

  8. So tough for you to have such a horse ;-)

  9. He does have one super duper cute face :)

  10. Ugh you poor tortured soul, idk how you handle it. You should probably just get rid of that mess. Ugh. Luxurious tails?!? Just NO. ;P

  11. I don't think you actually own an OTTB. :P


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