Monday, March 7, 2016

Help a Sister Out: Bridles!

I'm half-heartedly bridle shopping (am I ever not?) but I'm not 100% sure what I'd be looking for if I'm actually looking. All I can say is a friend just got a Jerry's Harness bridle and I'm OBSESSED but that is a LOT of money to spend on a bridle annnnnnnd for someone who goes through tack as fast as I do, I'm not sure it's a good idea. 

So let's look at what I have current headshots of Courage wearing and see what looks best. I'm breaking it down by category, because to the surprise of no one, I have a TON of these pictures.

Non-traditional Dressage bridles (aka either not show legal or definitely not a current trend):
figure eight bridle

PS of Sweden Bridle
retro rolled bridle
In this category, all but the PS of Sweden are technically "legal", but none are current looks you see in the show ring. I adore the Frankenbridle, but it's brown and I really feel brown dressage tack mutes a bay, despite being totally fine with brown jump tack. (In fact, I hate black jump tack. Being a tack ho is complicated.) 

Next up: White padded bridles. I don't know how I feel about these. I love them on some horses (Totilas, Valegro), but less so on others. I had one many moons ago for my mare and I got bored of it rather quickly. That said, the look is growing on me again and it's totally on trend now and I could get a nicer one than I had before (Bobby's, gag). 
retro semi rolled brown with white padding
Almost frankened-black with white padding
Patent and rolled accents
Admittedly, the white is a bitch to clean, but I'm a one horse ammy with a bridle fetish. I'm kind of enchanted with the look. 

Brown Bridles I could get in black:

These are show legal (or would be with a standard modification) and I have or have had them. 
micklem bridle
Ovation bridle
PS of Sweden Flat Out bridle
The Micklem is a funny bridle. It actually works well enough on Courage's facial shape, but he doesn't particularly need it's function and I'd rather have something that makes him look less finicky. Let's face it: he's finicky enough about literally everything else.

I really like the narrow cheeks for his tiny head on the ovation and the PS is just fun. Basic, but useful. 

Traditional dressage look: these bridles are pretty standard for the show ring. 
Real Antares
fake Dy'on
red barn
All of these are shown with the flash on, which is pretty unrealistic for us. That said, the flash is most definitely removable and I'm not bothered by the flash tab because I do occasionally throw one on. Browbands are of course interchangeable. 

What what do you think? What's the best look for a little blaze-faced bay horse aiming for his first recognized dressage show?


  1. Honestly I probably like the look of the Red Barn the most out of all these. For me it lacks a little tiny something special, but I think the proportions looks good on his head. After that, the Royal Sports, although the throatlatch looks really short. I like all of the wider nosebands on him better, in general.

    I really dislike white padding unless your horse is VERY steady in the contact. Otherwise it's like "HEY LOOK AT MY NOSE GO EVERYWHERE".

  2. Assuming he has no preference (lol) I vote for the last one. I like the Frankenstein bridle but brown plus black plus show I can't do it... I'm sure Courage will inform you of his opinion

  3. my vote is for the Fake Dy'on. Love the shape of the nose band! Looks lovely on C's face. This comes in black??? then perfect!

  4. I really like the red barn (the last one) the best. I think it fits his face and looks traditional but also has some personality. I'm not a fan of the fake D'yon on him. I think that nose band overwhelms his dished face:) I do like the Antares as a super classic look though. Ps. I LOVE the ovation on him for a brown bridle:)

  5. Uh... he looks cute in bridles? I actually like the look of the Micklem on him. Otherwise, whichever one he goes best in!

  6. Actually I really love your Red Barn on him. It looks way nicer on Courage than it does on the horse they have modeling it. Actually, when I first saw Courage in it, I had to google it, because I thought, "wait, that's really nice, I thought I looked at those when I was buying my bridle?" and then I saw their photo and I was like, "Oh. Cause it looks way better on Courage." His good looks are a blessing and a curse, really. I'm not sure it would look as good on Tucker. I have a Smartpak bridle for now that actually suits Tucker pretty well (which probably offends your Tack Ho-ness). I've been thinking about this one when I upgrade:

    What do you think?

  7. Pleaaaase no fancy stitching for your dressage bridle! That's my personal quirk, it makes me nuts. Fancy stitching goes on my jump tack and no where else. Also voting for not white padding because it yellows over time on a lot of brands. Go all black (the last one).

  8. The Red Barn is also my favorite - I love the wider noseband on him. I also like the Ovation on him - I think it is the slightly thicker noseband. I'm personally not a fan of white lined bridles on faces with a lot of white on them, but I like the shape of the nose on the brown/white rolled.

  9. I like the Antares and the frankenbridle, actually. The Dy'on is just too much for his face, and as much as I love the retro rolled bridle, it isn't enough.

  10. You know what I'm going to say... do not pass go go. Do not (shell out) $200. Do not get another bridle. ;)

  11. I like the red barn bridle on him, something traditional and classic that will really show off his Darkwing Duck Super Sized Personality :D

  12. So many bridles and Courage is just so photogenic! Retro rolled bridle- not my favorite on his face so you can sell it to me!

  13. i like the last three and the ovation. would LOVE the patent bridle, but somehow i think it ends up too distracting or overwhelming on him, maybe?

  14. I really like the PS one. And the plain black one

  15. You have truly become the No 1 tack whore on the internet hahaah

    I can't even decide. I am a fan of fig 8s on every horse. They just look sharp

  16. Honestly I really like the Figure 8 on him....but I'm biased that way ;) The shape of it at least.

  17. Love the Red Barn on him!

    I thought I would be in the minority until I got to the comments section.

  18. I actually like the Patent and rolled accents the most, and the Red Barn is my #2

  19. Not gonna lie, I totally want to show Pearl dressage in her figure eight because I not-so-secretly want to be a jumper and I think it looks prettier than a flash.

    I'm not generally a huge fan of white padding, but I think it looks awesome on Courage. Goes nicely with his blaze. But also, you could get 50000 Fancy Horse Person Points for showing him in an Antares (plus I like how it is raised, but delicately so for his little face), so I'd have a hard time choosing.

  20. my fav is always the frankenbridle. plus i love the picture you always use for it.

    i'm struggling with the same thing... I really want a new jump bridle and I don't really know which way to go for that as I want something 'different' but apparently people dont get wild and cray with figure 8's...

  21. Red barn group. Altho, love that one with the white padding on him. SWOON.

  22. I NEED that patent rolled thing!


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