Monday, June 13, 2016

We Go to a Horseshow, Part One

I've been a bit gloomy about our show prospects lately--dealing with things outside of horses hasn't left the funds/energy to have the season I wanted and Courage.

Yeah him.

He's got the idea of first level work pretty well, but he needs lots and lots of time to process it right now. He needs show miles to get comfortable in the ring and he needs home miles to really relax into his work.

So whatever, right? There will be horse shows next year.

Except I'm basically 12.

I resigned myself to not showing at all for about 90 seconds, then last minute on Thursday, I wiggled in to a local show on Saturday. At first level. What the hell.
could it really go worse?
For our last show, I tried to hop on the day before and w/t/c in a circle just because. That was a bad idea. Don't want to repeat that. I showed up Friday morning before this show and Courage nickered at me. He NEVER does that.

So as our last show-prep before moving (back) up to first level at a show, we did these things:
graze through the fence
try to roll in the manure pile
have a bath
play with grooming equipment
I normally try to RIDE the beastie and at least get him a little tired before going on an adventure, but eh... we haven't been stunningly successful lately. Might as well try something new.



  1. So much of successful horse showing is figuring out how to prep your horse and it's completely different for each one. Sometimes you just have to keep trying different things until you find what works.

    1. ditto this. and once you find the right prep routine its all down hill from there.

      ish ;)

  2. yay for impromptu horse shows!! also i'm pretty much always switching up my pre-show routine. never know when you might strike gold in a perfect preparation!

  3. Lol. I never ride Pig the day before a show anymore. It's just ... not worth it. I've come to terms with the fact that I can't wear him out, and if I do it's not helpful. So basically I'm just flirting with the danger of using up any good moments he has in him. Not worth it.

    1. Yeah I dunno if this was the way or not. I'm at least trying not to repeat the same mistakes?

  4. It's hard to figure out what works for each horse. Hopeflly this was a step in the right direction for C.

  5. Spending QT is good for both of your souls. Good for you.


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