Friday, October 12, 2012

The Countdown

We're closing in on the end of our time at this barn at a crazy rate. I've been pretending it isn't happening, but at this time next week, Mr. Matata will be living the high life in the new barn. In light of that, I'm trying to make the most of what's left. 

So handsome 
We jumped yesterday and did a long/low workout followed by a slow hack today. Then we'll jump Saturday, easy day Sunday, hack Monday... and probably trail ride the rest of the week, with a galloping day thrown in. I do love my ridgeline gallops. 

It's not like the trails are going away forever or anything, but as a person who grew up in the sandbox and only at this barn had to opportunity to ride out literally whenever I want to, I sure will miss them. 

People with trailers: you don't know how lucky you are.

All dressed up

In light of his new shoeing job, Cuna is always only ever allowed out of his stall in bell boots for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, he doesn't really "do" turnout, so I'm hoping they don't rub him. 

In keeping with the schedule, we did a lot of walk/trot long and low in the arena to start today. Cuna and I really have come a long ways together--when we first started, he didn't have a long and low. Period. 

It took a lot of gentle reminders, particularly to the left, but we had some good stretchy work. If I keep riding in an arena and practicing this winter, maybe we can even refine it enough to do a training level dressage test in the spring. Oh my! 

Love this view

When he felt loose and relaxed, we headed to the hills for a slow hack to continue the stretching. I even brought my phone so I could re-shoot one of my all time favorite Cuna pics: 

There's nothing like a good ride on a fall day. 

As much as I'll miss this place, I'm excited for new adventures at the new barn!

Pertinent details: my trainer is leasing a place for the winter and Cuna and I are on board. We'll be bringing along all my favorite horses and clients and have a super time. Maybe I'll even ride in an arena and jump giant things and take PICTURES. Be excited.


  1. Very excited for you! Isn't it wonderful to leave a barn when still liking that barn? Normally I think people leave because of push factors, not pull factors =)

  2. I had a farrier that would reset a thrown shoe for free, provided your horse wore bell boots. Couldn't find the lost shoe? Still free.

    In my experience, the natural gum ones don't rub. My old horse wore them literally 24/7, 365 except when the farrier was working on him or we were doing a dressage test.

  3. Haha, I can relate to the long and low issues! It took me 1.5 years to get a trot stretch on Cadence! She had an awesome free walk right from the start, but as soon as you moved into the trot...well, lets just say it wasn't pretty.

  4. I would love to see some cute Cuna hoof pictures.

    I never had to really learn about feet until I had my own horse. That is part of the joy, at least when things go well. ;)

    Do you visit the Rockley blog? Sometimes horses grow asymmetrical hooves to compensate for asymmetries above the hoof. Straight legs are the priority.

  5. So excited for you guys! I'm with you on the trail thing - I grew up riding in a field and a field only so trail rides are a real treat. Even though I have a trailer, it's not practical without a plan. Somedays, I just feel like going for a trail ride. That's when we ride around the subdivision...hehe!

  6. Just read your post below as well. Good farriers are gold. I am so lucky with mine. Sounds is if you have found one for Cuna as well. Fabulous.

    Moving is always a mixed blessing. Hope you can find at least one good trail at the new place. But I have a feeling it's going to work out well for you regardless.

  7. The view is priceless. It's too bad the smoke prevented you from doing tons of hacks.

    Moving to a new barn is always such an adventure. You are definitely coming in with an advantage, already knowing your trainer and other horses. I always take so long to learn everyone's names.

    1. The smoke never stopped us from hacking--it just slowed us down. The view sure is better now though.

  8. That last picture is gorgeous! It stinks that you have to move away from those trails and your current barn, but I'm sure the new one will be awesome as well. Oh and Cuna is adorable as ever :)

  9. This new barn sounds good, and the move sounds exciting. A bummer about the trails though.

  10. I would miss those trails too. That last picture is gorgeous!


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