Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Breathing Again

New Barn. I'm calling it "sleepy hollow".
I grew up riding exclusively in an arena and never realized there was a whole world outside until our last barn. Since entering that world (and earning the title "hacking queen"), I've discovered there is no going back. Don't get me wrong--I recognize the value of the sandbox for many things. 

It's just that I can only deal with it a little at a time. I bought Cuna to jump and feel safe on, not to play in the sandbox. He doesn't want to be a dressage horse and I certainly don't want to make him. 

Not this innocent pony
The new barn doesn't have the hills and extensive trail system of the old facility, but it does have something different: ADVENTURE HACKING!!! 

Today was Cuna's first time out. We went with Steph and one of her horses who's a decent hacker. I know I always rave about how Cuna is the amazing spookless horse, but not today! 

We spooked at dogs, a tarp, a culvert, another tarp, bushes, a bird, a manure pile, a manure pile with a tarp, running horses, and birds. 

And I laughed the whole time. 

It doesn't matter how silly he is. I feel safe on him. His panic moments feel natural to me. At one point, we were on a trail between two fences, creating a long lane. Pastured horses were galloping beside us like mad things and our hacking buddy was losing his mind. Cuna was up and threatening. He spun around a couple times, backed up a bit, tried to bolt forward, basically his whole bag of tricks. 

And I laughed. I called to Steph, "This is the shortest his neck has ever been!! I love it!!" I used his suspension and engagement and enjoyed the ride. 

Saving me from myself, one day at a time
Mr Nutter Pony made it back to the barn in one piece, despite his misgivings, and I felt 100% better about life and riding. 

PS This is my 700th post! 


  1. I've been reading your blog for years but never comment for whatever reason but I have to comment on this post. I absolutely love Cuna...every time I read about him, I just hope Grayson's like him in a few years.

    And it's so stinkin' awesome to see you having fun and feeling safe on Cuna.

    PS Congrats on 700!

  2. Sounds like you really enjoyed your ride :)
    Congrats on 700 posts!

  3. Happy 700th!!! Anyone who reads my blog knows I so much prefer to ride outside - and give me the gallop track anyday! Although we are grounded (no jumping ever for the Diva) - no one has told her this...she loves nothing more than me getting up off her back and saying 'go'.

  4. I know I prefer the trails to the ring and I think most horses do too even when they act like their silly selves :)


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