Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Picture Dump!!

Ok, I have been promising pictures from the new place, so here goes. 

I want more organizer boxes

Here's my shelf in the office area. I store things I need to keep around, but that don't fit in the tackroom. My quarter sheet will migrate there soon. I also keep my light-up hat (indispensable), a complete set of wraps, spare boots and gloves, treats, and a cooler. You just never know.

No two bits the same

The tackroom is definitely taking shape. It's pretty full already, but we have 4 more horses coming in the next couple of weeks, so I'm excited to see how it fills out.

I keep Cuna's dressage and jump bridles handy, plus breastcollar, martingale, and saddle/girth. Of course, everything is immaculately clean. I LOVE the smell of this room.

Swooping curves!

Our main crosstie area is outside, covered with a nifty tent. I snapped this picture this morning because I love looking at my saddle. It's no CWD, but it has pretty lines.

We're still getting the niceties of this arrangement figured out. It will be more streamlined in the future I'm sure. Let's face it: we've been at the new barn less than a week.

Feed cookies.

The Cunafish models the outdoor crossties. I thought that a white tent would be spooky, but I had the spookiest horse in the barn under them today (not Cuna) and he was totally fine. It does make picture taking hard--so bright!

You may also notice that Cuna is sporting polos up front here. No, I'm not riding in a clinic.

I washed my fleece boots yesterday and hung them to dry. They froze solid. Yes folks, it's polos for me for the rest of the winter. I can't say I'm super excited.

Pre-ride sass

The good news is that Cuna looks super sporty in wraps. I have a feeling that he'll have a whole collection come spring--anything to let me put off washing/drying/rerolling wraps ad nauseum.

He already has white, royal, and navy. I'm thinking black, hunter, and maybe something cutesy that Steph will hate? Ha! Ideas in the comments, please.

Boss horse sees teeny jump

I've spent enough time talking about our lovely new jumps. Now with pictures!!

This is the white gate that was totally not scary yesterday. Mmhmm. Jumped it.

More interested in neighbor cows

The green gate. It's scarier than you'd think. I don't actually think we stopped at it, but I did give Cuna the panic ride a couple of times.

That's the fun thing about a new arena and new jumps. It's pretty much mimicking the show environment for me, at least for the first couple of weeks. I get to have all my panic attacks and bugaboos over fancy jumps.

Hopefully when we go to the little local winter show series, I won't even blink. I know he won't.

Looking at pretty trees

And who can forget the giant doom oxer? I admit, it looks pretty underwhelming with the red ears pricked up and the mane lying flat. He was all business today, but no jumping for a couple days now. I'm trying not to stress his old man joints unduly.

I am a little excited to jump these on my own a few times. I'll set them down to something that doesn't scare me at all and just work on lesson stuff until I make it automatic. So fun!

Counter flexion is hard! 

In light of that, we did a lot of shorten/lengthen and lateral work today in our ride. I need to feel when Cuna is long and flat and already have to tools to pick him up without pissing him off. It's not rocket science, but the more intentional I am about practicing it, the better it will be.

Hopefully in the near future I'll round up some video of us rocking the shiny jumps and maybe even some pictures under saddle...


  1. I see argyle polos in Cuna's future...

  2. Oooo argyle! You can take the boots home and let them dry in your warm house. That's how my pads, etc dry all winter long.

  3. Raspberry pink zebra pattern!

    Or Tiger! Or Cheetah!

  4. Ha! As the queen of doing things that drive my trainer batty, I am suggest: polos with flames, mismatched polos (probably not your style), polos nowhere close to your barn's colors, reflective nighttime/hunting season polos, checkered polos. Aaand I'm out.

  5. Not sure why that posted twice...anyway I also wanted to say that I also have the SSG 10 Belows. Do you like them?

    1. I like them until they get soaked through. Then they are useless. It's also hard to muck when one has gotten corn oil all over the palms of the gloves so the fork can no longer pivot smoothly. Operator error on the second one, though.

  6. Looks like a great place to be and the jumps are awesome! Enjoy!

  7. Neon animal print for polos is always a good time, and you can usually find them cheap!

    I'm jealous of your jumps, they look amazing! Enjoy the new surroundings :)

  8. Yay for the new place pics! Wow gorgeous fall tree colors. As to polos, maybe plain colors with some cute embroidery on the ends, like a fleur-de-lis or lighting bolt or some such. =]

  9. Love all the pics :) The new barn looks really really nice.

  10. LOVE the new barn (though I can't imagine how hard it would be to leave those gorgeous hills of yours). Insanely jealous you get to jump proper jumps as opposed to poles and the occasional blue barrel. Cuna looks fab, even fuzzy (though I admit being partial to the fuzz:)

  11. I think he would look amazing in lime green! :D Or if you want to go more girly maybe purple? Hehe!


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