Friday, October 5, 2012

Rubber Meets the Road

I am fond of getting clothes for my horse. Most anyone can tell you that within 30 seconds of me starting to talk about him. As frivolous as it might seem, it actually has an immensely practical side, too.

I call this his 'bambi face'. So glad I got a pic.
Here's Cuna after our ride this morning. We did a 40 minute trot set in the hills, capped off by galloping up our favorite stretch and speed walking down the backside. Thanks to his rocking TB recovery rate, his respiration was completely normal by the time we got back to the barn. However, he was still damp with sweat. He's growing in a winter coat (that I can't wait to clip off) and it was barely 50f outside, so way too cold to hose him off outside.

I love this horse

Enter shopping win!! I pulled his tack off, threw on an irish knit I scored off of FB a few weeks ago, and let him finish his breakfast in peace while I did chores. When I came to get him for a quick grooming to take any sweat marks off, he was dozing in the sun, dry and warm.


PS Have I mentioned how badly I want to clip him? He has like .25" of hair and it's KILLING ME to have to deal with it. I like my horses bald.


  1. I my gosh TELL ME ABOUT IT I hate owl having this much hair but he can't have a blanket on because I want him to grow all of his hair before we clip him!!! But he is such a roller he is disgusting and I am dying with him not having a blanket on... Dillema!!

    1. Cuna wears a sheet at night and he isn't a huge roller, so I'm not doing that badly... ouch. Still! It makes me batty to not be able to wash him. Oh for an indoor heated wash rack with heat lamps, right?

  2. I feel your pain... I am dying to clip off all of Limerick's hair because he's barely even fuzzy, but he already takes FOREVER to dry out! Oh and Cuna is so ridiculously cute :)

  3. Big cutie! I feel ya on the need for baldness. Down here in Fl, you pretty much HAVE to. But did I mention I hate the actual act of clipping?

  4. Great buy! I love em bald as well I just haven't made the plunge yet to do it!!!!!

  5. Hi! Cuna looks adorable in his Irish Knit. I am jealous, Tucker cannot be left unattended in one, because he rolls incessantly until he is wearing it like a bib. Cuna is such a good horsie.


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