Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Still Sick

I feel less like death today, can actually breathe, and might have a lesson tomorrow, so it was definitely time for a ride this morning. Plus, while my head still feels like it's stuffed full of cottonballs, at least they weren't spinning in circles. Win! 

The weather is changing into fall--we still have bugs during the day, but it's dropping into the 30s and 40s overnight, so I was greeted by this unusual getup when I came to the barn.

Yes folks, only my horse can justify wearing a sheet and a flymask at the same time.

The nice thing about cool mornings is that no one else is out riding, so we spend time in freshly worked arenas. Since I only have our hoofprints to contend with, it's easy to see where I'm giving up the outside aids or letting my mind wander and not even trying to go straight. Although Cuna isn't a bendy horse, he does require me to ride him straight from my leg every stride or we just make squiggles.


The Cuna history hunt goes on. No definitive leads yet, but I have inquiries out and some helpful blogger friends. I'm sure we'll find something.


  1. Hope you continue to feel better!!

  2. Sorry to hear your still sick. I hope your feeling better soon.

  3. Do feel better. It's really getting to be the best riding weather.

    It's really going to be fun if you do find out about Cuna's "childhood."

  4. Our Indiana weather is just as crazy - winter coats trying to come in and shred off...all at once. Feel better quick!


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