Friday, August 10, 2012

Gratuitous Friday Photo Spam

It is high time we review all the cutest pictures of Cuna taken since he came to me early this year. 

Day One

After some lesson badassery 

The day before we left for Thermal

At our first show together

Just hanging out

First photoshoot with Ellie

Playing the role I  really needed him to

Jumping giant jumps together

Being adorable

So photogenic

Snuggly cuteness

Having a gallop

XC instructions: Just hang on.

First canter in the water

Chilling with the vet

Being so cliche

Fancy showjumping horse

Learning to love the XC

Picture taking still isn't Cuna's favorite thing ever, but he's learned to put up with it. It's obvious just how much he has done for me--I came to him completely traumatized and riding poorly,and look where we are now.

I will say that he has just blossomed now that he has his own person. He was pretty stand-off-ish when we met, but now he nickers and snuggles and throws hissy fits and is just generally adorable and hilarious. He may be a total doofus most of the time, but so am I. <3 the old man horse.


  1. If only Cuna could see your blog and know how truly loved he is!

    Judging from the photos, I think he knows it just fine. Loved the photos!

  2. I have to say his posing just gets better and better:)

  3. He is ever adorable, that's for sure.

  4. It's amazing how far you have come and the differences that have been made- just by finding the right horse. Cuna knows he is loved. Keep up the great work with him.

  5. He sure is one adorable horse :)

  6. Wow - you have come so far. What great pictures. You both look like you're having so much fun!

  7. I expect those next set of pics to be of y'all kicking a Novice course! I know I say it over and over, but I'm still thrilled for you. That is how Solo makes me feel over and over and over again. Every time life crashes, as it does often the past couple of years, I just walk to his pasture and we look at each other and it's going to be ok. I would NEVER be where I am today without all that he gave me from his giant red heart.

  8. I LOVE this post and all of the pictures. :D I'm so happy you found Cuna when you did and that you both are so happy.

  9. Such a cutie!!!! I'm making googly-gaga noises at the computer. "awww" "cutie-wootie" "Mr. Cuna cute-ums"


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