Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boot Review Day!!

Since someone's princess horse can under no circumstances wear neoprene boots, I did whaat any responsible tack 'ho would: got him three different kinds of fluffy boots in designer colors. Let's talk about them today.

 Pair #1) Toklat Valena boots. I paid $15, a new pair is about $70 Fellow blogger Rinsie actually found these with me at our local tack store. Unlike the pretty Dover picture, they have black fleece. They are used, and it shows--stitching worn out and even replaced in some places. The exterior material is tough and flexible. The interior seems to be synthetic fleece. It's black, which I think is just tacky on a brown boot. That said, they cost $15.

 Pair #2) Euro Pro Heidi Galloping boots. These I found used online and got them here shipped for $30. A new pair runs around $75. They are in much better condition than pair #1. The fleece is thick and protective and the velcro is great. That said, the exterior color is... eh... pretty light. I knew the velcro would be light colored, but it's almost more caramel than havana, so I don't love them.

 Set #3) Dover Pro Sport Boots. Excellent fellow blogger Me was headed out tack shopping and let me virtually tag along. She picked up a full set of these at the Dover tent sale for $40, which is good Dover sale pricing. The exterior material is very stiff and vinyl-y feeling. It's a great color and the synthetic fleece on the inside provides a great contrast, but my feeling (and information) is that these simply won't hold up the way the others will.

All three of the different types are interesting. I'm the least impressed with the Toklat boots. Admittedly, they are in rough shape, but who makes brown boots with black fleece? Ick. There are pretty light weight, too. It seems like they're going to heat my horse's legs like all of these models are prone to without providing the extra protection from either a stiff exterior or super fluffy fleece.

From a technical standpoint, I really like the heidi boots best. The exterior is giving enough that I don't expect rubs from Mr Princess like I would with a hard shell boot, but it's strong enough to withstand some knocks. The wool backing is super thick and nice, and the velcro is great. I do not love their color, that is for sure.

Sexy body shot
For occasional use, I have to give it to the dover boots. Man, they look classy. They capture the exact look I wanted on Cuna. They may be the cheapest, but they are sexy. You know, new, straight out of the package. Talk to me again in the spring after a winter of use, and we'll see what I think. In the mean time, snag yourself a set of the Heidi boots.

Wearing a hat, man, I'm wearing a hat

Don't worry-I didn't have Me squander a whole trip to Dover just to get me a set of boots. She also snagged a fly bonnet for $8.99. It may not be Cuna's favorite color, but it does the job and looks alright on him.

Ok, it's better than purple anyways. ;-) He definitely appreciated the bug relief it provided.


  1. That light blue color looks good on him!

  2. I've tried the Dover ones and returned them. WAY too stiff. I've got several pairs of the Heidi's and love them. They hold up for YEARS through all my obsessive washing. I have them in black, white and brown. The brown is light in color, but it really does work fine (my open fronts and ankle boots are the brown). I also love the Pelham Ascot boots although I am finding the elastic gets a bit stretchy after lots of washes. But, I'd still recommend them! I believe they come in a darker brown color as well. Google it!

  3. Love the Heidi's! Wish they were easier to get in my area.

  4. I have the Dovers (keeping in mind the price/quality) I really like them. Mine were a little stiff in the beginning but after a few wears and washes I really like them. I expect them to last a year or so and have had a few pairs last longer :)

  5. I have the Tolkats (in white/white) and like them for flat hacks. I haven't abused them too much but they've held up for... almost two years now. No tears or worn through stitching (yet).

    I don't know that I would like them for galloping or jumping, but as a basic brushing boot... I would get them again.

    The black fleece is unforgivable though....

  6. We have several pairs of the Dover boots at the dressage barn where I work. They have actually held up surprisingly well, despite being used and abused. We use them at least an hour a day, five days a week, and they generally get tossed in the washer (and dryer!) two or three times weekly. I think they are pretty great little boots, especially considering the price.

  7. I actually like the idea of black fleece! White just looks sooo icky sooo quickly. Just sayin'. ;)

    Where I am, it's often 100+F when we ride, so ventilation is a key factor for me. In fact, I often forgo boots at all, since they tend to heat up the tendons so quickly (and I don't have any of the fancy new air-flow boots). Does it seem like any of the boots you have would be more or less warm or cool?

  8. I think the brown with black fleece would look great on a bay with black socks :-)

  9. Don't use boots as a rule, myself. Perhaps if I were doing some cross country jumping, I might, but for flatwork, I don't.

    Thus, I have no comment on what's better or worse, but I think black looks pretty classy with brown. I'll be interested to hear how the various brands hold up under continuous use.

  10. All the Pros use hedi boots; Reed Kessler,Artisan Farms the list is endless....Weither its for turnout, a light flat, the hot walker, Heidi Pro Euro boots are the way to go...!!! I use them with my eq horse for turnout...Often times when I dont have time for polos on his front tendons I use those to flat him in, but I still love using Polos for back (leg) support....


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