Friday, August 3, 2012

Let's Talk Olympics

I don't have cable access, so I haven't been able to watch any of the Olympic equestrian events (or any other events, but who's counting?). That said, I definitely have my favorite riders. In the case of an intergalactic eventing challenge presented by marauding space aliens of an equestrian persuasion, here is the eventing dream team I would send out against any in this universe or otherwise:

Damn fine position

1) William Fox Pitt. He's more machine now than man... Not in the bad, Darth Rider sense of the word, but because he's so freakishly and consistently good. Plus he's classy. Win.

Soooo matchy!

2) Michael Jung. I may not be the biggest fan of the German system, but it's obviously working for this candidate. He isn't my number one pick because all his success has been on one horse. I think WFP could pull something out of a kill auction and run a one star on it within a week on sheer talent alone.

And a helmet on a victory lap

3) Mary King. She's like the female WFP. Consistent, brilliant, down to earth, and super classy. Of course she brings her second and third string horses to Rolex and goes 1-2 and still nobody gets pissy. She's the real deal.

Toddy meets the coppers

4) Mark Todd. Brilliant rider, ridiculously experienced, good sport, and the man knows how to party.  He just can't stay away.

P Dutty

5) Phillip Dutton. As much as it pains me to leave Neville (and Boyd) off this list, I do think Phillip is the better rider as this point. Give Boyd some time and he'll totally make it. Plus I actually don't like Phillip very much, so his position is the most tenuous. Despite his unconventional style, Phillip gets the job done time and time again.

Boyd on a previous mount

So there you go. The top five best eventers in the world in my opinion. 

Marauding aliens, you have been warned.



    Go there. Find which replay you want to watch (um, xcountry, yes?). Click on Dish as your provider. At the bottom of the next screen, there will be a place to enter your email for a four hour temporary viewing pass.

  2. I haven't been able to watch any either. I might have to check out that link lol.

  3. Glad mark todd made it in there, ultimate Eventing machine to be ever breed!!!!


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