Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fire, Fire Go Away

Due to the ridiculous amount of range fires coupled with the conformation (? topography?) of the area I live in, we are completely inundated with smoke right now. Seriously. It is disgusting--it's like living in a big city, only with lower crime rates.

Of course, the air quality pretty much puts the kibosh on outdoor activity for people who don't want to contract emphysema at age 23 (me). I mean, you *can* do stuff, it's just that you fill both your lungs and those of your horse with noxious gases and feel like puking in about 10 seconds.

Cuna, never one to waste an opportunity, has decided it is an excellent time to come up lame, and frankly, I agree with him. We finished our big show, have a few weeks to the next potential one, and really can't exercise right now anyways. I spend about an hour a day totally babying him, and he just eats it up. Goofus.

We did venture out today for the first time in a week doing more than walk/trot in the arena. The haze had cleared enough to make me feel comfortable with some activity.

Naturally, we hit the hills. Cuna always come out stiff through his back and topline after time off. Riding in the hills lets him work out the stiffness on terrain instead of me fighting with him constantly and everyone is happier.

He was mostly great. Every once in a while, he gave me a funny step, which made me feel like a horrible person for riding at all. Still. He was forward, strong, and even. I trotted him for half a mile or so on a loose rein and he was dead even. At this point, I may actually be projecting lameness onto a tiny trip that Mr Awkward Pants would have had anyways. I am that sort of person.

At the end, we came to our favorite galloping hill. I could see the wall of smoke in the valley rolling our way, but we still had a little time. I let Cuna choose his pace and he ROCKETED up the hill, just short of racehorse gallop.

It did make me feel better. He only goes like that when he feels good. <3 the sensitive old man horse.


  1. Hope you all are safe, even if smoky. Kind of scary to know there are so many fires around.

  2. Go Cuna go!

    Hope that the fires clear up!

  3. Yay for gallop hills! Quick, before the smoke rolls in. Hope the air clears up quickly.

  4. Gosh! That smoke sounds horrible. That gallop up the hill sounds awesome.

  5. I hope his weird sorta lameness gets better quickly. And I'll keep my fingers crossed they get the fired burned out soon. They are so annoying and scary.


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