Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sale List!!

Operation: get set for winter! Cuna needs a winter blanket and I need/want good muckboots. 

So, sorry to post twice in a day, but I'm going through my horse stuff and here's a list of things I'm taking to my local tack store on consignment in the next few days. If you're interested in any of it, contact me! I'm certainly happy to sell direct. ;-) The price listed with any item is what I'd like to get, but I'll certainly consider any reasonable offer. I have all the items at home and can take pictures if you're interested.

1) Edgewood bridle, plain raised cavesson, laced reins. Nice quality leather, but not wide or fancy stitched, so it looks best on a refined head. Horse size. One of the reins has been repaired, but is perfectly safe. $60

2) Black gel half pad. No brand name. $30

3) Still in bag--black with cream trim microsuede dressage pad. $30

4) Black coolmax dressage pad with quilted white swirl pattern. Like new, maybe used once. $25

5) Burgundy rope halter and lead rope. Lead rope tied on to halter by someone who knew how to do that sort of thing. $10

6) Set of 4 hunter green shipping boots. Not fancy or cool. $20

7) 48" leather girth with double elastic and fancy stitching, havana colored. Barely broken in, well taken care of. Smartpak brand. $60

8) German martingale, horse sized, havana leather. No brand name, doesn't have accompanying reins. $15

9) Pair of white rubber bell boots with velcro, size L. Some slight discoloration, vecro still good. $5

10) Black nylon leadrope with trendy leather thingy at the end. maybe 10'? $5

11) Blue cotton leadrope. $5

12) Happy mouth hackabit. Double jointed, includes curb strap. $45

13) Kerrits lightweight summer tights. Brown with black seams. Size XL. $20

14) Weatherbeeta nylon sheet. Navy with burgundy trim. Used once, size 78". Not a rain sheet--more for keeping horses clean at shows I think. $20

15) Saxon medium weight turnout 78" in hunter green. Buckle front, double surcingales, leg straps. In good condition. Still waterproof. Will be clean and re-waterproofed before shipping. $60

If I come up with more stuff, I'll put it on the list.



  1. I may be making some purchases, I'll let you know after I go to the barn tomorrow.

  2. Ugh that Edgewood is tempting me.. Could I possibly get some pictures?

  3. I second the vote for pics...the turnout and shipping boots specifically...

  4. I'll take the girth and one of the saddle pads if I can use Paypal. What do the pads look like???

  5. Yay for tack purging! I'd like the Kerrits brown breeches. Do you have a photo? Even a link to them online is fine, assuming there aren't any rips/holes/giant stains. Do you take PayPal? Please email me at Thanks!

  6. may i have pictures of 6, 7 and 14?

    my email is :)


  7. Nope, horse sized shipping boots definitely won't fit Connor. Tried some today to see. He's horse sized in the body, but pony sized in the legs!

  8. Interested in some things, but would prefer to "talk" via e-mail
    Here is mine if you dont mind sending me one just so i have something to send my questions to.

  9. What are the chances you still have the hackabit?


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