Monday, August 13, 2012

The Medicated Horse

Due to his super-sensitive skin and dramatic-princess personality, Cuna has been getting some super special treatment lately. First off, he has this weird funk going on with his hind canons. It's dry, hairless patches, basically. They never seem to get better or worse, but I would really like them to go away.

Kind of like this
When I took him in to the vet, they gave (sold) me a bottle of chlorahexadine shampoo to treat it with and not much explanation beyond "rinse well". I've been washing Cuna's hind legs with this every day or two for the past two weeks, and while his legs are super clean, nothing else seems to be changing.


I still have a good half bottle yet, but I'm going to take some pictures of where his legs are now and then a couple of progress shots. My impression is that this shampoo does jack for "random hind leg funk that isn't bothering the horse but is unsightly". At least it was relatively cheap. (I think. It hurt too much to keep looking at that bill to actually read the itemization).

However, if that was all that was going on, I clearly would be dealing with some much less complicated horse! Far be it from me to settle for some low maintenance creature that stays sound all it's life!!

Nope. Since moving into the main barn with it's nice, dry stalls and bed of shavings, Cuna has managed to develop hock sores. Yay! The BO (a long time vet tech) recommended Silvadene, but mentioned that you usually have to get that from a vet. Due to my recent vet bill, I am not in a hue hurry to call them again. Failing that, we went with Eqyss Microtek gel.

It's fairly pricey at around $25 a bottle, but it claims to do what I want, which is heal without burning, soothe the skin, and prevent infection. It also calls for 3x daily application. I can do two, so we'll see how it goes. 

One hock is closing up nicely, but the other is still pretty sensitive. 

However, since I'd already blown the money and have high hopes of not using the entire (good sized) bottle on itty bitty hock sores, I just sort of put it wherever I think Cuna needs soothing. 

Right now, I am putting it on his hind legs (once they are thoroughly rinsed), the rub spot on his shoulder from his flysheet, the healing-up scar on his face, the weird little spot on his back, and of course, on his uber sensitive front legs/tendons where his boot rubs are. It smells nice and doesn't tingle, so worst case scenario, Cuna continues smelling like a beauty parlor. 

We'll see how it goes.

PS I am selling some stuff to get Cuna more stuff. Buy stuff!!! 


  1. Ugh Microtek, my horse developed an allergy to it and went bald wherever it was applied. I have had luck with MTG, it's just greasy, smelly and they can't go out in sunlight... lol

  2. I was going to recommend silver sulfadiazine under wraps to get the funk gone. Wash with micro tek or other anti fungal and then dry completely then apply the SS cream under wraps. That should clear it up...I can buy SS cream at my local horse store, no Rx needed, maybe ask your local store...perhaps it's just in CA that you dont need a script tho?

    1. More wrapping!! Hooray! I have my doubts about my local tack store, but it's definitely worth a shot.

  3. Have you tried DermaGel on the hock sores? I swear that stuff is like gold. Heals everything and grows the hair back asap.

    Saga has a scaly, scurfy gunk on the top of his tail and on his butt cheeks. It just looks like dry, flaky skin. I used MTG on it twice (applications about 5 days apart), and it seems to be clearing up well. Kills rain rot too. It smells NASTY and I wear gloves to apply (because my co-workers love me SO MUCH when I show up at meetings smelling like MTG), but it really seems to do the trick.

    Good luck getting Mr. Sensitive under control!

  4. Love Microtek. I think it might be my "windex" cure all for horsey skin. Although every once in a while I just shampoo their whole body in it. Makes me feel like I'm being responsible. :)

  5. Second the MTG...gross but it works. And since he's had it literally from the tips of his ears to his hind tootsies, it doesn't seem to cause any additional problems for my chestnut hot house flower. Clears the crud and the hair grows back quite quickly.

  6. I've had very good luck with the MicroTek, and they also make a medicated spray - perfect for the "cruddies".

  7. I've got Bobby on half MTG (for suspicious looking rain rot patches) and half Microtek (for strange hind cannon funk). He's like a walking science experiement.

  8. How have I never heard of MTG?! I feel like I should knock on wood IMMEDIATELY. In my (few) years of (small animal) vet med, we use chlorahexidine with alcohol as a pre-surgical scrub and occasionally send owners home with it for various wounds. You can buy gallons of it for relatively cheap and then dilute, which, if it actually does anything for your guy, would be a more cost-efficient thing to keep on hand. I trust it more than betadine.

  9. I second the derma gel, it works amazingly well. It soothes without stinging (yay lavender) and doesn't have that funky, almost baconesqe aroma of MTG. You do generally have to get it from the vet, but if you call the clinic and explain what you need it for, they should just sell it to you over the counter.

  10. I really like Vetericyn.. I use it for the crap on Henry's hind legs :)

    Thought I do love Eqyss products as well :)

  11. Let us know what works, because I'm just now discovering the sensitive side of Bohemian's skin. Girth itch, "gelding itch" on the hind legs, and bug bites. I bought some fancy soap but definitely would add some goop as well if it works.

  12. Microtek is MAGIC. I'm seconding the Vetricin spray as well.

  13. I use MTG. Works for all sorts of skin ailments, but it is gross and can be a pain in the butt during summer because it's oil based and can cause sunburn. I just put it on at night. If they roll the dirt should protect them or you can just wash it off the next day. I cleared up a severe case of rain rot with it in only two treatments. :)

    A friend of mine uses Vetricin, but I didn't see her horse consistently enough to know how well it worked. She says it's good. :)


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